Oil-bath Bearing


The oil-bath system features back-to-back tapered roller bearings operating in 90W gear oil and sealed with Duo-ConeT seals. The gang shaft is slipped through the bore of the interior axle (yellow). Bearings and seals are mounted on the interior axle (yellow) and neither the bearings nor seals are in direct contact with the gang shaft.

Half spools (red) are pressed onto either end of the interior axle. The half spools bottom out against the ends of the interior axle and, therefore, the interior axle carries the compression forces when the gang is tightened.

Pressure against the half spools is transmitted to the seal retainers (white) and thereby to the Duo-ConeT seals.  Bearing pre-load is set through the use of gaskets between the bolt-on end cap (green) and the housing (blue).

The oil-bath bearing is available in three sizes. The smallest is used with a 1 5/8" gang shaft on the Model 255. The next largest, which is used with a 2 1/8" gang shaft, is found on the Models 225, 225DW, 225W, 225TSW, 225DOW, 275 and 275DW. The largest oil-bath bearing is used with a 2 1/2" gang shaft in the Models 325, 325DW, 500, 600 and 800.

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