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The Kello-Bilt Model 225DOW features a heavy duty frame and superior components.  This double wing tandem unit is available in widths from 24’ to 38’ to match a wide range of tractor horsepowers.  You can choose either smooth or notched 5/16” X 26” or 5/16” X 28” disc blades to suit your application.  The disc blade spacing of 10 ½” and weight of the Model 225DOW make it the ideal disc to plow down heavy straw, corn stover, vegetable residue or organic matter that must be incorporated into the soil.  The rugged frame design and heavy, reliable gang componentry also make this unit suitable for removing old hay and pasture fields.  Like all Kello-Bilt products, the Model 225DOW features our exclusive oil-bath bearing system to minimize maintenance and maximize production.  With the durable and versatile Kello-Bilt Model 225DOW you will farm more and fix less.


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